Andres Pabon

5/5 Wow got it setup in about 15 minutes flawless streams smooth no buffering and he was great to deal with! 08/25/2017 Andres Pabon

Erin Murtha

5/5 I wanted to share my recent experience with SFPAlternative. In a word, AWESOME! Steven Frank patiently helped walk me through all the steps I needed for perfect video quality streaming and surround sound. I couldn’t be happier and wished I had done this a long time ago! I won’t mention the name of the competition (starts with an L and ends in an S), but the trial didn’t go well. No guide and no […]

Darryl Henry

5/5 Just purchased this service and it’s running great!!! Steven Frank​​ was excellent helping me get it running.. I am already planning on recommending to other people 08/25/2017 Darryl Henry

Max Marcantel

5/5 Just got it going it works flawlessly with truly no hassle getting it going. Look forward to using this for all my entertainment needs. 08/25/2017 Max Marcantel

James William

5/5 I just want to let everyone know that I got my subscription today and I’m very happy with this service, I have tried a lot of them during the past but none of them compare to SFPAlternative. This is definitely a winner. Thank you. Thank you Steven for walking me through the setup today, without your assistance I wouldn’t have been able to get up and running on the SFPAlternative TV. I would like […]

John Kcco Dillon

5/5 Just a heads up to anyone still deciding to sign up or not. Not only is the service great but the customer service is very accommodating. Something you don’t find with Comcast, Verizon, spectrum or google fiber. Another heads up, I love the TV service so much that I paid 3 months in advance!! Maybe we’ll get more advance months options in the future but this service is great! Can’t wait to host the […]

Denise Ortalano Zunno

5/5 Steven by far the clearest streams I have ever seen!. No searching, no buffering, no lag, absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! 8/4/2017 Denise Ortalano Zunno

Mike Henkel

5/5 Thank you for setting up our full service. Omg sports channels your service just brought a smile to our house… 06/25/2017 Mike Henkel

Ron Garrison

5/5 This was actually the 9th IPTV service I have tried and is the ONLY one that not only works but works flawlessly. Combined with that true old fashioned customer support that you just do not see anymore. I am a customer for life. 06/26/2017 Ron Garrison

Russell Olmstead

5/5 Flawless service. By far the best IPTV I have had and I’ve tried them all 6/26/2017 Russell Olmstead